If you are looking for a cool new design, then marble art designs may be just the ticket. It’s actually not that hard to do in the comfort of your own home.Using a marble nail design can be the perfect way to step up your mani game and add some interest. On long, stiletto nails, this design is glamorous and artsy, and on shorter nails, it adds a little more interest to a classic mani.It might be a little confusing at first until you get the hang of things. But the more you practice, the better you will be at it.

This surprisingly easy to apply nail design is done by dipping your nail in a bowl of water with marbled nail polish floating on the top. This is the kind of look for the deviant personality, someone who wants something different and random. It’s not only fun to create but also fun to look at. Perfect for beginners who want to learn a new design technique, or even for professionals who want to offer a trendy look at their nail salon. These beautiful designs can be worn in any season and matched to any style. The great thing about it is that the patterns are so unique and wonderful.

You can create any pattern that you want to with any variety of colors.Marble nail art has become very popular. This is no surprise as marble nails look super stylish and chic! There are so many ways to use marble art in nails. You can wear it with any color, add glitter, gems and more. To get you inspired, we have found 18 stunning marble nail ideas for you to try.

18+ beautiful almond long white marble nails designs with gemstone 1

We have something for everyone, from bold colors to elegant metallic designs. You don`t have to worry about being perfect with this design; the water is going to do most of the work for you. You can create amazing patterns that will make all your friends jealous.You just need the right tools, and you can start creating magic.