Putting together an elaborate Halloween costume is sometimes better in theory than it is in practice. Between the money it costs to buy an outfit and the time it takes to execute the Halloween makeup, it can end up being a lot of effort for just a few hours at a party or at home handing out candy. (But by all means, if you’re the go-all-out type, we’ve got ideas for you.)

For the rest of us, there’s Halloween nails. Our favorite takes on Halloween nail designs this year are basically twists on the trends already big for fall. Think matte blacks, half moons, and shades of orange that aren’t too on-the-nose, but just enough to get the point across.

October 31 is just around the corner. Let’s have some fun. Check out all those designs, below, and get inspired to wear Halloween nails all month long.

Halloween Nail Art Design 1

As of today you can say that you have, because it’s officially time to give Halloween nails the respect they deserve, by elevating them to adult status. How, you may ask? Through unique, creative, and definitively minimalist designs that only hint at their Halloween costume counterparts, like subtle leopard outlines for Josie and the Pussycats, or graphic stars and lines for Wonder Woman.