The perfect reason to break out that fresh eyeshadow palette you impulse purchased at Sephora and then never used.If you have brown eyes, you’re lucky. You’re blessed to be able to get away with so many different colours, shades, and designs of makeup, the world is quite literally your oyster.

On the colour spectrum / wheel, there isn’t a “bad” or “good” colour for brown (opposite / complementary), which means you can pretty much do whatever you like. Skip the $$$ makeover and give yourself a gorgeous, tastefully extra makeup look for prom night.

Whatever your mood, event, style or occasion, there is a brown makeup look for everyone, and we’re taking a closer look at some great designs in these gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes.

There are so many ways you can rock your makeup bag when you have brown eyes, it would be a shame to let those opportunities go to waste. Get creative using some of the helpful tips and tricks you’ve learned here. We can’t wait to see what you manage to come up with!

11 Cool Makeup Ideas to Steal for women beauty
11 Cool Makeup Ideas to Steal for women beauty

It sounds scary, but these looks are easy to create yourself and make a major impact.Ready the screenshot button, because we’ve got tons of prom makeup inspo right ahead. (And if you haven’t found a prom dress yet, we’ve got your back on that, too.