With just a few weeks until Halloween, it’s time to start planning. Sure, there is the food for the party to think about, along with decorations, and all that candy that’s needed for trick-or-treaters, but let’s not forget the most important element of the holiday — the costume and nailing the perfect makeup look.

Sure, you could opt for the simple option and draw a stitched-up scar with eyeliner, maybe some blood dripping down and some spiderwebs around the eyes, or you could attempt to really step it up a notch. Your feed will be flush with a whole new crop of elaborate, out-of-the-box makeup ideas, including the deeply creepy, the crazy beautiful, and, of course, the politically charged, all of which are definitely worthy of a double tap.

Can’t think of a costume? Look in your makeup bag! Whether you want to go glamorous or ghostly, these Halloween makeup looks have got you covered.To help inspire you, we rounded up 30 Halloween costume ideas .Some of these looks can be achieved with just some glitter and lipstick, while others require a bit more skill. Whatever your level, you’re bound to find your best costume yet ahead.

Halloween Makeup Ideas For Ladies S1-1

The hardest part is coming up with inspiration for new ideas. Fortunately we’re here to help — whether it’s transforming one of the tried-and-true Halloween makeup classics, or creating an eye-catching work of art that will make you the belle of the ball at any Halloween party.Some of these just require an extra couple of minutes of effort, while others will require an artistic friend with a steady hand. Either way, it’s definitely worth having a look through some of these spectacular Halloween eye makeup looks for ideas.