With Halloween coming around the corner, it’s time to start putting together the finishing touches on your costume with stunning Halloween makeup.Halloween has been known as All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve, and dates to the Celtic festival of Samhain. Samhain was the night before their new year, marking the start of the cold, pressing darkness of winter Halloween makeup can make or break your costume and can even constitute nearly an entire look itself.

Voodoo you want the best costume this year? You’re probably laughing so hard right now that you need to hold yourself together with pins and needles, right? With the voodoo doll being the most obvious icon for the black magic we’ve all come to fear… and love. I’m sure nobody would actually like to be a victim of a voodoo doll stabbing themselves… except around Halloween time.

And here are some steps to get a super simple and unisex Halloween costume — the voodoo doll!
Step 1: What You’ll Need: red felt, wire, foam balls, hot glue gun, red paint, paintbrush, small safety pins
Step 2: Paint the Foam Balls
Step 3: Cut Out Some Hearts
Step 4: Assemble the Heart
Step 5: Makeup Clothes

For those of us who love to experiment with makeup, Halloween may be the best day of the year… it gives us the excuse to go crazy with all kinds of colors and designs.So today we’re sharing 15 of Creepy and Freaky VooDoo Doll halloween makeup ideas to get you inspired.

  • 15 Creepy and Freaky VooDoo Doll Halloween Makeup Ideas 15
    15 Creepy and Freaky VooDoo Doll Halloween Makeup Ideas 15