Halloween: the time of all things dark and ghoulish.Halloween is quickly approaching, which means tons of costume inspiration from celebrities obsessed with the holiday like Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian West and more. But if makeup is more your thing than shopping around for the perfect costume. Every year, thousands of beauty gurus post their over-the-top Halloween makeup creations that just keep getting better and better.

Time for Devanagari costumes and eerie outfits. But what outfit would be complete without the perfect scary Halloween makeup? Imagine a witch without a wart or that classic green skin, or a clown without that face – it just wouldn’t be the same. During October, Halloween makeup ideas are everywhere so we’re going to focus on how to create a sexy yet scary look.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on an elaborate Halloween costume, but the best beauty bloggers and Instagramers know that it is really all about the makeup. When it comes to pulling off an authentic look (be it spooky are sweet), your face really needs to be on point — it’s the first thing everybody will notice, after all. Great makeup truly puts the cherry on top of a perfect costume.

Halloween Makeup Ideas For Ladies S3-1