It’s Halloween season again! Makeup can make or break a Halloween costume—and if you have amazing makeup, you might not even need a costume at all. Time to break out the colorful face paints and glitter. At OPM, when it comes to Halloween, we never hold back. We go all out with our makeup looks to achieve that hauntingly beautiful Halloween makeup look.

And why shouldn’t we go all out? Halloween is the perfect excuse to spend an excessive amount of time planning our outfit, doing our hair and painting on the most intricate makeup looks. Whether it’s a full-on scary look or a delicate princess getup, we’re always on our game to win that award for best costume, or at least, best Halloween makeup. When it comes to pulling off an authentic look (be it spooky are sweet), your face really needs to be on point — it’s the first thing everybody will notice, after all. Great makeup truly puts the cherry on top of a perfect costume.

If you’re racking your brain for some decent makeup looks to copy, let us help you out a little. Whether you want to go small or go to the extreme, we’ve got plenty to inspire you for your next Halloween party.

Halloween Makeup Ideas For Ladies S2-1