If you’re anything like me, you like to really pull out all the stops during Christmas time: decorating the house, tree and dining table really lifts the spirits.Your makeup is just as important as your outfit, gifts, and the Christmas dinner on the big day itself, so get it right the first time. But what we really look forward to is getting our outfit ready from the shoes to the dress to the hair.

So you’ve got your Christmas outfit all planned out, found the best gifts for everyone in your family and friend group, and perfected a delicious dish to bring with you to Christmas dinner. Amazing! Seems like you’re all set to tackle the stresses of the holiday season with ease, right? But wait—have you thought about your Christmas makeup look? While usually the outfit takes a front-row seat, the beauty look that accompanies your holiday ensemble is just as important.

Pull up a chair, get your makeup bag ready, and perch yourself in front of a mirror. It’s time for us to start playing around in your makeup box!We’ve brought you plenty of inspiration with these Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season!

Christmas Eyeshadow Makeup

  • Christmas Eyeshadow Makeup 1
    Christmas Eyeshadow Makeup 1

Christmas Face Painting

  • Christmas Face Painting 1
    Christmas Face Painting 1

Christmas Lip Makeup

  • Christmas Lip Makeup 1
    Christmas Lip Makeup 1

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