Himalayan Salt Lamps are mainly a large salt crystal, which are from Punjab Region of Pakistan, that is lit with an incandescent light bulb, LED, or candle inside. And why you need a Himalayan Salt lamp for your house: Himalayan Salt lamp Benefits and Home Decor.

Himalayan Salt lamp Benefits

Emitting Negative Ions: How is your feeling, when standing under a waterfall, taking a hike up the mountain, Facing towards the sea. Yeah, the happy feeling you feel is the result of negative ions. Working as a natural negative ions generator, the Salt Lamp absorbs the moisture from the air, then evaporating, absorbing again, evaporating again. This progress is continuous alternately. During this progress, negative ions produces.

Air Purifying: Working as a natural air purifier, the Salt Lamp can remove and abort dust, smoking, and something like polluted particles from the surrounding air. It is also said that it may have a little help for allergy and asthma symptoms.

Stress Reducing: The stress from our daily life always makes people be in tension and anxiety, which have bad impact on people’s physical-mental health. The Salt Lamp gives out a warm soft calming glow, which can efficiently reduce the impact on people’s health. With a salt lamp on, enjoy a calming environment!!!

Home Decor

Besides the benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps, they are also worked for home decoration, perfect worked as a night light.  Warm soft calming glow will be full of your sleeping room and children room in the evening!

Something need to know when choosing salt lamps

When choosing a salt lamp for you home here are some of the features to think about are Size, Color, Surface, Bulb.

For Size: When picking out an appropriate size use this rule of thumb: 1 lb filters 4’x4′ sq of a room.

For color:  the darker the better. These are considered higher quality crystals.

For Surface: It is extremely important. Rougher surfaces have a larger surface area which are more effective at improving air quality.

For Bulb: we recommends not using LED bulbs. We use heat-producing bulbs for maximum effect. 15 watt incandescent light bulb may be the best.

Something need to know after getting salt lamps

Clean the surface with a dry soft cloth so as to maintain a good transmittance in the daily time. Using a wet cloth or wet sponge, if there dirt on it. DO NOT WASH LAMP WITH WATER!If unused for a long time, the salt lamp should be wrapped with plastic bag to keep it dry all the time.Please Avoid Cashing or Bumping.

The Salt Lamp absorbs moisture, sometimes there may condensation of water on the surface. AND PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!Please check the Bulb and Cord to make sure both bulb and cord dry before using!

Here are some Salt lamps for you to decor your house:

  • Why You Need Himalayan Salt Lamp for Home 28
    Why You Need Himalayan Salt Lamp for Home 28