Show you some paper lanterns for your home decro

A paper lantern is a lantern made of thin, brightly white or colored paper. Paper lanterns come in various shapes (round, square, triangle, oval, trapezium, pentagon and so on), colors and sizes, as well as various methods of construction. In their simplest form, they are simply a paper bag with a candle placed inside, although more complicated lanterns consist of a collapsible bamboo or metal frame of hoops covered with tough paper.

Paper lanterns are likely derived from earlier lanterns that used other types of translucent material like silk, horn, or animal skin. The material covering was used to prevent the flame in the lantern from being extinguished by wind, while still retaining its use as a light source.

Papermaking technology originated from China from at least AD 105 during the Eastern Han Dynasty, but it is unknown exactly when paper became used for lanterns. Poems about paper lanterns start to appear in Chinese history at around the 6th century.

Paper lanterns were common by the Tang Dynasty (AD 690–705), and it was during this period that the first annual lantern festival was established. From China, it was spread to neighboring cultures in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

There are three general types of paper lanterns, they are: Hanging lantern, Sky lantern, and Water lantern 

Hanging Lantern

Hanging lanterns – The basic type of paper lantern used for illumination. They are meant to be carried, hung, or mounted on stands. They have various sizes ,colors and shapes. Most of them are white, round.

Hanging paper lanterns are not only used for illumination, but also for home decor and perfect for any ccasions such as: Wedding, Engagement parties, Bridal showers,Christmas,Birthday parties, Halloween, Easter, Eid, Diwali, Hogmanay, Chinese new year etc.

Also, you can paint on the white paper lanterns according to your own ideas thus make them decorations of your own style.Suitable for kids to DIY their own lanterns and exercise their hands-on skills.

Sky Lantern

 Sky Lanterns- a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended. Also known as “flying lanterns”, “sky candles” ,”Kongming lanterns”,or “fire balloons.”

Sky lantern
Water Lantern

Water Lantern – paper lanterns that float on the surface of water.

Water lantern

So, Looking for some added bling paper lanterns to your decor.